Keeping a global company operating efficiently requires a dedicated team of professionals working together for a common goal. Our vision is to develop and maintain beneficial relationships with suppliers who are dominant in their respective markets.  Hilmar Cheese Company’s Supply Chain Management team works closely with departments across the organization to evaluate needs, create a procurement plan, and build a cooperative partnership with suppliers to ensure high quality and service at the lowest possible cost.

Given our commitment to quality and innovation, we play an active role with our suppliers to achieve best-in-class service, which in turn, allows Hilmar Cheese Company to produce world-class products for you. To be considered as a supplier, submit a contact us form and it will be directed to the correct person.

Statement of Social Responsibility/California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (California Senate Bill 657)

In 2010, the state of California passed a law requiring larger companies to disclose what they are doing to manage ethical behavior in their supply chains. Referred to as Senate Bill (SB) 657, the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act seeks to “educate consumers on how to purchase goods produced by companies that responsibly manage their supply chains.”

Use of illegal, forced or trafficked labor is unacceptable in the production of any Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc. or Hilmar Ingredients product. As a responsible member of California’s manufacturing community, we are dedicated to providing quality foods for human consumption throughout the world. To support this high-level of quality, we are strategic in our sourcing programs and carefully choose our supply partners. We conduct a responsible supply chain management program covering product safety, product security, and corporate social responsibility. We select supply partners that adhere to the same principles for business conduct as we do.

Hilmar Cheese Company has a thorough qualification process for new suppliers that includes an audit of their processes and facilities to ensure compliance to our policies. Annual reviews of our Qualified Supply Partner’s practices allow us to maintain confidence that we are working with dedicated businesses and ensure we continue to deliver wholesome, high-quality products. Any supply partner not operating within the responsible parameters expressed by Hilmar Cheese Company will be counseled for improvement. If improvement is not attainable, our partnership will be terminated. It is imperative we remain responsible and at the highest level of integrity in our supply chain. Our expectation of ethical behavior by every employee begins with our respect for the reputation of our company and our convictions about the way we conduct our business. Our corporate compliance program is designed to ensure that all employees and our Board of Directors meet legal requirements around the world and operate with integrity in everything we do.

A combination of written guidelines, formal processes and management oversight helps us ensure that “strong corporate compliance” isn’t just words on paper, but a way of doing business at Hilmar Cheese Company.