Occupational October Educational Activity


Occupational October Educational Activity


The Hilmar Cheese Company Visitor Center tour program is excited to offer another incentive to encourage students to think creatively and write. October is occupations month.


“In September, we had more than 100 students receive a free tub of squeakers when they turned in their Squeaker September worksheets. We really enjoyed seeing all the creative responses from students about why squeakers squeak,” explained Kody Stevens, communications and tour specialist for Hilmar Cheese Company. “Just for the record, there are no mice involved! So, this month, we are focusing on the career opportunities in agriculture.”


Hilmar Cheese Company encourages students to write and draw for Occupational October.


Occupational October focuses on the careers related to the dairy industry. This year most people learned about the term “essential worker.” All of the employees involved in milk production and processing are essential to produce our food supply.  There are so many people part of the process to get foods from the farm to nutritional dairy products on our supermarket shelves.


“We want students to respond to the writing prompt: what jobs do you think help make milk and cheese and draw a photo of the worker,” explained Stevens. “The Hilmar Cheese Company website and Facebook page will have a worksheet available to download or a student can use any sheet of paper they have at home.”


Each student who turns in their illustration and writing in October will receive a FREE Hilmar Cheese Company wristband. The visitor center café is only open for curbside service, so parents can call the number on the door when they arrive and we will deliver to the parent’s car. The Hilmar Cheese Company visitor center is located at 9001 Lander Ave. in Hilmar, CA and open Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm.


If the student wants to be entered into the drawing for a special prize at the end of the month, the student can write their name, age and phone number on the back of the sheet.


The answer of what jobs are related to the dairy industry will be featured on a video posted to Hilmar Cheese Company social media sites. Follow @hilmarcheese on Instagram and /hilmarcheesecompany on Facebook to stay up-to-date with updates, specials, merchandise offerings and more!


Stay tuned for another fun educational prompt and prize November to encourage students to write.