Hilmar Cheese Company Keeps First Responders Safe

Pictured: Bobby Key, Hilmar Cheese Company, Assistant Security Manager, Dalhart Site; Chiz Bell, Chief of Police Dalhart, Independent School District; Drew Parker, Paramedic, Dalhart Emergency Medical Services; Michael Melton, Hilmar Cheese Company, Corporate Security Manager; Cory Hass, Deputy Sheriff, Dallam County.

Dalhart, Texas is fortunate to have 37 volunteer firefighters and 12 emergency response personnel. Hartley County is blessed with 18 volunteer firefighters and 6 emergency response personnel. These individuals often risk their lives to save others.

Being emergency prepared with the right equipment is critical. Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc. recently purchased and donated five medic vests to protect these first responders.

“Though we don’t want to think things will ever happen here, it is always better to be prepared,” stated Dustin Burton, Hilmar Cheese Company, Dalhart Site Director. “We appreciate the partnership with local responders and that the Dalhart and Hartley departments have trained together to work together.”

The vests are designed to fit snug like a life vest and protects the wearer’s core. They will be available for any first responder to use and will be used frequently in training sessions