Forty-two students benefit from Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc. scholarships

HILMAR, CA. April 30, 2020. Forty-two students demonstrating community involvement, academic performance and financial need will each receive a scholarship toward their higher education through Hilmar Cheese Company’s annual scholarship program. This is Hilmar Cheese Company’s eighteenth year awarding scholarships.

The scholarship program has three categories: children of employees of Hilmar Cheese Company, children of the dairy farm families who ship milk to Hilmar Cheese Company, and students with an agricultural major living in the counties where the company is located. This third category is for students not affiliated with the company; but dedicated to the agricultural industry and living in Merced and Stanislaus counties in California, and Dallam and Hartley counties in Texas.

Thirteen children of Hilmar Cheese Company employees will receive a scholarship. The eleven graduating high school seniors and two college students awarded $1,000 include Alyssa Herrera (El Dorado High School), Britani Moreno (Gregori High School), Ellena Urrutia (El Capitan High School), Ethan Machado (CSU Stanislaus), Jacob Hendrix (Central Valley High School), Jesse Gutierrez (Delhi High School), Julia Travis (Gustine High School), Justin Barros (Hilmar High School), Kailea Fogleman (Oakdale High School), Kaitlyn Davis (Dalhart High School), Ky Przilas (Dalhart High School), Mackenzie Peterson (Modesto High School), and Sierra Alamo (CSU Stanislaus).

The four children of the dairy farm families who ship their milk to Hilmar Cheese Company in California to each receive a $1,000 scholarship are Grace Nightengale (Central Catholic High School), Jacob Silva (Turlock High School), John Alamo (Hilmar High School) and Jordyn Silva (Turlock High School).

Merced and Stanislaus counties California agricultural majors Alison Nunes (Modesto Junior College), Alyce Silva (Modesto Junior College), Aubrie Hazan (Gustine High School), Billy Marchy (Turlock High School), Bryce Ludwig (Fresno State), Carolyn Boster (Fresno State), Celeste Lopes (Modesto Junior College), Cole Marchy (Modesto Junior College), Devan Gomes (Cal Poly, SLO), Doreen Dyt (Orestimba High School), Gunnar Kale (Atwater High School), Hayley Vargas (Atwater High School), Isabel Paterson (Hilmar High School), Jeff Clark (Cal Poly, SLO), Kaitlyn Hay (Modesto Junior College), Kate Menefee (Cal Poly, SLO), Katie Percival (El Capitan), Kylar Kahl (Chowchilla Union High School), Luz Soto (Atwater High School), Morgan Bettencourt (Modesto Junior College), Rikki Silveira (Hilmar High School) were each awarded $500. Aidan Azevedo (Hilmar High School) will receive $1,000

Dallam and Hartley counties Texas agricultural majors John Moorhouse (Dalhart High School) and Kailie Childress (Dalhart High School) are awarded $500.

The Hilmar Cheese Company scholarship program reflects the company’s ongoing support of higher education and its commitment to employees, dairy farm families, and the California and Texas agricultural industries.

Qualifying students are encouraged to apply November 1 through February 1, 2021. For more information about Hilmar Cheese Company’s scholarship program, visit the About Us section of