Summer Ice Cream Making Tours!

Join us for some fun!

No reservations required!

Summer Ice Cream Making Activity and Tours are open all summer!

  • Monday-Friday
  • 11am
  • $3 per ice cream maker
  • June-August
  • Closed July 4


Arrive at the Hilmar Cheese Visitor Center 9001 Lander Ave. Hilmar, CA 95324 ten minutes in advance and check in/pay at the coffee counter.

Tour and Activity

  • Cheesy MOO-vie to learn about what we do at HCC
  • Ice Cream Making Activity- Come shake, rattle and roll the ice cream jar to freeze your ice cream and then eat it!
  • Tour guide explains the life of a dairy cow and all the exhibits
  • Self-Guided exhibit exploration (dress-up station, watch cheese makers package 640 pound blocks of cheese, learn more about the dairy industry and what dairy farmers do to help the environment and community!

Stay after the tour and enjoy free cheese samples, we have an ice cream counter with REAL CA Milk ice cream, Peet’s Coffee, Smoothies with Hilmar’s whey protein, a café with grilled cheese, sandwiches, salads, cream cheese brownies and cheese pie and buy Hilmar Cheese! Our Visitor Center is the only place you can buy cheese with the Hilmar Cheese label.

Hope to see you this summer!