Bring your Friends and Family and Play Today!

Friends enjoys escape room

What is the AgXscape?

The only ag and dairy escape room challenge!

Use teamwork, communication, creative thinking, determination and a sense of urgency to find clues, decipher puzzles and solve activities to complete the challenge!

You have always wondered what it is like have a farm. Now your team is managing Bob’s dairy. You get a call from a neighbor that there is a severe situation. You must quickly follow the emergency instructions to save the herd! You only have 30 minutes!

What makes AgXscape different? These are dairy farm challenges you won’t experience unless you hang out with a dairy farmer.  These types of challenges aren’t in any other escape room! And, we are in a town with more cows than people.

How long with this take?

About 45 minutes

You will have exactly 30 minutes to complete the challenge; but allow a few minutes to complete the waivers and orientation.

Arriving early? Fuel up  with a sandwich, soup, salad, cheese pie, cream cheese brownie, ice cream or coffee in our visitor center.

And don’t forget to include a few minutes to enjoy free cheese samples!

Family enjoy the escape room

How many people can play and what ages?

2-6 Players

Our room is designed for 2-6 players ages 7 years and older to participate. Children under 14 must be with an adult. If you are bringing children under age 18 who aren’t your own, please have their parent sign the waiver and bring it with you.

Families with all ages  (babies in slings and strollers and younger children) are welcome, you will just need to book a private event/ room for only your family.

If you have fewer than six players and do not a private event/room, other people may join your group to play.

The room and activities are wheelchair accessible.

How do I book?

Online below or in person in the visitor center

AgXscape is booked online if more than 2 hours before the start time or in person if within 2 hours of the desired time.  It is paid in advance.

No reservations are taken over the phone.

To reschedule or cancel, use the link in your email confirmation to change or cancel your booking.