U.S. Dairy Sustainability

Hilmar Cheese Company has proudly adopted the U.S. Dairy Stewardship Commitment, affirming to our customers, our consumers and the global marketplace our pledge to responsible dairy production as we nourish the communities we serve. For more information about the U.S. Dairy Stewardship Commitment, go to:

We improve lives. Our 2021 annual report highlights our company progress.  Previous years reports available here.

We support Pathways to Dairy Net Zero

Environmental Stewardship

More than 60% of the water used at our facilities is recycled and reclaimed water.

Water recycling process
Water Usage graph

Hilmar Cheese Company operates technologically advanced water reclamation facilities in California and Texas. Nearly all of the water we use at the Hilmar and Dalhart manufacturing sites is recycled and then converted into clean irrigation water used by local farmers. The California site water reclamation process added a third loop with the ability to use our recycled water for steam in boilers. Our alternative energy solutions include biogas and solar.

Sustainable Tank

Digester Tanks

Anaerobic digester tanks where process water organics are converted to biogas.

Sustainable Water

Water Treatment Ponds

Fully treated process water in our holding ponds. The water is recycled for local irrigation.

Energy, Greenhouse Gases and Solid Waste Recycling


Solar provides more than 20% of the energy for our LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum Headquarters and Innovation Center.


Our Communities


Inspiring Young Minds

Help with Food

Improving Community Resources

  • Annual Food Drives with company match to encourage participation and help our local food banks
  • Support for those in need including Rescue Missions, Salvation Army, Clothes for Kids and more


Healthy Lives

Healthier Lives

Dedication to the Arts

Dedication to the Arts

  • Theatre support to bring nationally acclaimed theatrical works to our community
  • Local Theater, Arts & Music Programs for schools, community productions, bands and more

If you are interested in a donation, please learn more on our donations page.

Our Employees

The families who own Hilmar Cheese Company truly care about employees. Company sponsored activities and events, life-coaches, wellness programs, and educational opportunities make this a great place to work.

Employee Training

Employees are provided company training along with the opportunity to continue their education at colleges and universities through a tuition reimbursement program.

Employee Safety

Department safety teams provide leadership opportunities for employees at every level.

Economic Contribution

Hilmar Cheese Company is a significant provider of local jobs and contributor to regional tax bases. We improve lives around the world by being a leading producer of wholesome dairy products.

Hilmar Worker

Local Jobs

We provide thousands of local jobs between our headquarters and manufacturing plants in Hilmar CA, Turlock CA, and Dalhart TX.

Plate of Cheese

Wholesome Dairy Products

Hilmar Cheese Company and our business unit, Hilmar Ingredients, provide wholesome dairy products for more than 50 countries.

On the Dairy Farm

Hilmar Farm

Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc. believes that sustainability is a daily commitment to caring for people, our communities and our natural resources – while never forgetting the importance of providing affordable, nutritious dairy foods for consumers around the world. We share this belief with the dairy farm families who supply us and they understand it includes the responsibility of appropriate dairy animal care and farm land management.

100% of the dairy farm families directly shipping their milk to Hilmar Cheese Company participate in the National Dairy FARM Program. Farmers Assuring Responsible Management, or FARM, includes comprehensive dairy cattle best care practices for nutrition, health, housing and more. Developed by animal scientists and veterinarians, FARM includes evaluation of each individual dairy to assess compliance with practices for proper animal care, comfort and well-being practices. The program also includes independent third-party verification.